Leading The Industry

Envirotek® Corporation is a Southern California based company founded on the principle of developing superior products and customer relations. Today, our products are used by thousands of people daily. Many of our top products are sold both in the United States and internationally and are trusted and relied upon by consumers, counties, cities, schools and industry.

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Practical and Effective Solutions

We incorporate practical and effective solutions to problems caused by grease-grime, soils, graffiti, oils and contaminants deposited to most substrates. As well, our paint-coatings serve a host of diverse applications for both industry and the consumer. Our products are used by a countless number of cities, school districts and other industrial applications. These products, are sold globally, and have become trusted for their reliability to perform, even on the of toughest applications. Read more »

Developing Safer Cleaner Alternatives

treesWe are deeply committed to creating an environmental responsible product line. Each of our products are biodegradable and maintian VOC compliance. We are
the planet's safe alternative to the all too common noxious cleaners, bleaches, flammable-solvents and coatings. We strive to satisfy the demands for environmentally safter products. Today, we manufacture a diverse mix of surface cleaners, paints, anti-graffiti coatings and removers. The high performance in our cleaning formulation design, work to penetrate surface soils, graffiti, grease-grime, and oil contaminants from various substrates. Our products are preferred products of government, school districts, municipalities, and contractors.

Los Angeles City Council Extends its Anti-Graffiti Measure

October 5th, 2009 at 8:46 am

la graffitiIn an effort to reduce the graffiti, the Los Angeles City Council passed legislation requiring all new housing to include a finish that is resistant to spray paint unless the owners promise to remove any graffiti themselves.

The ordinace, which was passed unanimously, extends a provision in the Los Angeles Municipal Code requiring that new commercial buildings and apartments.

Serving Thousands of Cities, Businesses and Organizations

apartmentsFrom schools districts and industrial corporations, to property management groups and local municipalities, Envirotek's expertise in cleaners, degreasers and paints is the perfect solution to help maintain a comfortable, appealing and clean property. Whether utilizing scheduled or on-demand demonstrations, our experts make certain that results are efficacious and sucessful.

We are experts in the arena of speciality cleaners, graffiti removers, paints and coatings. Whether you manage your own programs or utilize our contract services. Community education and public relations support is a key part of our commitment
to our products and customers.
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Who is Envirotek?

Envirotek® is anindustry leader in the development of specialty paints, coatings and surface cleaners. All the while, we have maintaned a focus on superior customer service and satisfaction. Today, our products are used by a countless number of cities, school districts and other industrial applications.

Envirotek has pioneered the development of Planet Friendly Technology , helping to lessen the impact on the environment. Our products are sold both locally and globally, and have become trusted upon for their reliability to perform, even on the toughest of applications.


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Featured Product

SIGN-OFF® Graffiti Remover


Our newest product! A citrus based graffiti remover derived from citrus terpenes. Ideal on many sensitive-surfaces.
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January 17 – 19

Clean Practices & Products Colloquium

Tuesday, Februrary 1

Removal & Prevention Of Graffiti Workshop

Friday, March 3

Cleaning Up The Los Angeles River Event


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